Meet ChatGPT. Your shared decision-making assistant.
Presented by Prof Glyn Elwyn 9 October 2023
Artificial intelligence systems for healthcare professional training in shared decision-making
Presented by Prof Anik Giguère and Prof Adrian Edwards 13 Sep 2023
Cochrane Review of Patient Decision Aids – 2023 update adds 104 trials
Presented by Professor Dawn Stacey, University of Ottawa. 7 June 2023
Shared decision making as a method of care.
Professor Victor. M. Montori. Mayo Clinic 2 May 2023
A review of shared decision-making in Spanish-speaking countries
Associate Professor Paulina Bravo and Dr. Lilisbeth Perestelo-Pérez 1 ...
How should we practice shared decision-making in pediatrics? A proposal
Prof Douglas Opel, Department of Pediatrics 2 Feb 2023
Hospital-wide implementation of SDM increased SDM level, cost effectiveness and patient safety.
Fritz Geiger, National Competence Center for Shared Decision Making 7 ...
SDM - what about Africa?
Maya Fakhfakh, Public Health at Laval University 5 October 2022
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