Join the ISDM Society

Members can:

The Society fosters:

Benefits of membership

  • Priority notification on expert seminar series
  • Opportunities for global networking in SDM
  • Free access to BMJ EBM journal
  • 25% discount on the Article Processing Charge for BMJ EBM
  • EMCR activities and opportunities
  • Unlimited access to seminar recordings
  • Event discounts

Who can become a member?

Members of the association can be individuals and legal or (public entities), associations of individuals and public-law institutions who are active within the framework of the tasks of the association.  We welcome:

Please use the salary guide below to determine which fee matches your circumstances.

Fees will be collected recurringly every year until you cancel your membership.

Terms and conditions

Membership Fees - Individuals

Salary > 100.000 € / p.a.

180 € per year
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Salary 50.000-100.000 € / p.a.

100 € per year
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Salary 20.000-50.000 € / p.a.

60 € per year
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Salary less than 20.000 € / p.a.

40 € per year
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The Society can offer memberships of 10€ for individuals from LIC, or as a special consideration, by application. Please contact us

Institutional memberships

Please contact us for more information.

Institutional memberships

Our institutional memberships are open to all organisations who are interested in purchasing a volume of memberships for their employees. An eligible institution is considered one physical organisational entity (e.g.,  university departments, private or governmental statutory bodies or organisations, externally funded research groups involved or with an interest in shared decision making). All interested institutions must apply and are subject to approval.

Each member that forms an institutional membership will need to be identified by the institution.  Each of these members will be permitted to vote at the AGM.  

Up to five employees – €650  / pa

Up to ten employees – €1.000 / pa