Danish SDM Network

About us

The Danish SDM Network consists of Danes with an interest in shared decision making, including patients, SDM researchers, clinician-researchers, and individuals in health policy and management. Our aim is to increase awareness of SDM research and initiatives across Denmark, foster collaboration and support, and address gaps in research and advocacy.

The Danish network was launched in June 2024. For any questions about the network or to join, please email the national coordinator, Bettina Mølri Knudsen. For more information see also the Danish website.

In 2024, the network will host a Danish Symposium on SDM. The symposium will be held on November 7 in Vejle, Denmark. You can find more details and a link to register here. If you have any questions about the symposium, email Bettina Mølri Knudsen.


Bettina Mølri Knudsen (Denmark)

Affiliation: PhD student, National Coordinator of Danish SDM Network, Center for Shared Decision Making, Lillebaelt Hospital – University Hospital of Southern Denmark, Denmark

SDM Projects:

  • Implementation and evaluation of patient decision aids

  • Patient and public involvement in SDM research

  • Improvement of decision-making in healthcare

    Email: Bettina.Knudsen@rsyd.dk