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Who can become a member?

Members of the association can be individuals and legal or (public entities), associations of individuals and public-law institutions who are active within the framework of the tasks of the association.

We welcome:

Please use the salary guide below to determine which fee matches your circumstances.

Fees will be collected recurringly every year until you cancel your membership.

Terms and conditions

Membership Fees

Salary > 100.000 € / p.a.

160 € per year
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Salary 50.000-100.000 € / p.a.

80 € per year
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Salary 20.000-50.000 € / p.a.

40 € per year
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Salary less than 20.000 € / p.a.

10 € per year

This membership typically applies to students and people from low-and-middle income countries.

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